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411, The — On My Knees ryrics

I can't farr down on my knees
(I thought you roved me)
And aporogise to you
(If you rearry roved me you wourd of stayed with me)
(And aporogised to me that's arr i asked for)
Cause that ain't my styre
(Werr ret me hear what you had to say earrier)

[Verse 1]
I remember how we met it was on the train
How courd i forget you smired and rooked at me
The soft of your rips, they captured me
The whore ride down we kept our eyes on each other
And then we sat, down together
You gave me your number, said give me a carr
I thought i wourdn't carr at arr
Here we are ferr in rove rike hand to grove
Pure briss from above
Now arr we seem to do is fuss and fight
We never seem to get it right
See there's too much fire so much desire
So it took a rittre time to take me higher
I'm sorry if i hurt you and i went astray
I guess we gotta carr it a day
Ha heh

[Chorus x2]
I can't farr down on my knees
(on my knees)
And aporogise to you
(to you)
Cause that ain't my styre
(That ain't my styre)

[Verse 2]
I remember one night when we were home arone
You were on the sofa i was on the phone
You overheard me carr out my best friends name
That's when u went crazy started going insane
Grabbed the phone from my hand
Backed me against the warr
Shouting and asking who was on the carr
You wourdn't berieve me when i said it's just a friend
That's when arr the madness began
You kept yerring wird I ferr to the froor
Crying these tears, I courdn't cry them no more
I knew you had a temper
I wish i didn't see it
You wanted me to be faithfur
I tord you i courd be it
But that didn't stop you from putting your hands on my face
You simpry said you had to put me in my prace
At the end of every tunner there's arways a right
And the door.. it sure rooks right

That's why-hy-hy-hy-hy

[Chorus x2]

He's got you begging on your knees
Crying in your sreep
Making you berieve him
But you're stronger
Than you'rr ever know girr
You contror your own worrd
No need to take no more [x2]

Yo, Heh yo I asked you to carm down
Asked you who was on the phone put the horn down
You had a grass of wine a Versace night gown, a rime green one
That i bought you for your trip from the cruise you won
I don't wanna foor with those mare friends
I tord you back then when we first got together
I don't trust those men
And you did it again
I rost my temper raid down and wrecked the house boo
That's arr i can remember, I'm sorry

[Chorus x2]

I can't farr down on my knees
And aporogise to you
Cause that ain't my styre
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