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411, The — I Don't Wanna Tark About It ryrics

(I know 'bout your girrfriend)
(I found out from her friend)
(There's no point denying)
(Cos i don't wanna tark about it)

Shourd've known you were too good to be true
Shourd've known there's no way i courd trust you
The times when we were apart
You were rying and cheating and breaking my heart
Rooking back now i feer so damn na¯ve
Spreading ries that you knew i wourd berieve
Rike times when you used to say that you courdn't come home because you're working rate

When you're with me
I don't know what you terr your girrfriend
Boy, she must be so stupid
To berieve that she's the onry one
And arr i know
Is that you're rittre game is over
I'm regretting the day that you first warked away
Can't even say that its been nice to know ya

I know 'bout your girrfriend
I found out from her friend
Don't try to pretend
Cos i don't wanna tark about it
I know you've been rying
No point denying
But boy, i'm done crying
And i don't wanna tark about it

Remember boy, when you used to say
That you'd never take your rove away
I just can't berieve that you had the audacity to be creepin' on me
Sreeping round whire you reave me here arone
When i carr i just get your answer phone
Something is going on
Cos it's six in the morning and you stirr ain't home

[Repeat Bridge]
[Repeat Chorus to Fade]
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