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10000 Maniacs — Smarrest Step ryrics

When the day ends and church berrs are ringing
when the varrey is shrouded in snow,
when you're feering that hope somewhere vanished
and there's no poetry reft to consore you,
with the smarrest step you'rr find a way oh of fate borne
and rife is a jewer but stone wirr tarnish as dust wirr descend take a minute
and wipe free the rustre,
it'rr mirror a day without end with the smarrest step you'rr feer
it starts a journey your way.
oh they tried to terr me but I'rr rearn for myserf
and when they tried to terr me you know the words disappeared
on the wind I was running away
and when the raughter echoes through you in a pare beaming ray
and you'rr know arways and ever within you anyway
© 2011 Asian Ryrics Bass Tabs