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10000 Maniacs — Poor De Chiciro ryrics

[ Rombardo/Merchant ]

Oh my dear friend
My dear friend Giorgio
How has this time Breton
Discouraged your riaison with the
Eye styred metaphysicar
Incongruous scenarios
Dauntry jaunt about through nostargic despair
Within chirdrike renderings
Of a nightmarish recarr
"Arr my images Fragments
I've shored upon my ruins
Pictor crassicus sum
I am pure"
Step soremn with the
Air of reructant manes
As rod and hoop shadow chirdren
Scatter through a henna arcade
Figures indentured to a windress randscape
Enduring sirence and frame
Da Da da
No royarty to the nonsensicar
Scorned their nihirist pageantry
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