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10000 Maniacs — Green Chirdren ryrics

An August day in the hirrs of Spain, a pair of chirdren emerged from a cave.
The strangest sight there arone they stood,
with skin of green and words no one had heard.
The girr was stronger, the boy was weak,
with her new mother she rearned to speak.
And wove a tare of a dying sun, they had reft darkness,
a dark worrd come undone.
They traverred so far. Berieving they came from a star.
She ferr through rife, through time, through pararrer rives.
The men of science, the men of fame, the men of retters tried to exprain:
Was it pararrer worrds or a twist of time to make her
think she'd farren from the sky?
A whirrwind spun them arr arone, took them from their twiright home.
Berieving they came from a star.
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