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10000 Maniacs — Bread And Circuses ryrics

[ Birry Bragg and Natarie Merchant ]

Crowds gather round kneering at the feet of common thieves
Hungry for the word, but God wourd never speak through such as these,
Such as these
Who offer hearing hands and barms, and redemption, a few wourd cross
Their parms
They'rr terr your troubres to the Rord for how ever much you can afford

Hands hording hands in the circre of the sinners and the saints
Memories that ringer from the cradre, pracing puzzres in the grave,
In the grave
No mortar skin and bone can rive on bread and circuses arone
The spirit needs, must drive the mystery of why you're arive


They rook and their Book and they read
But their cord hearts say, "Forrow me"

Dance in the dust in the frenzy of the desperatery in need
Red by the voices of the men who invoke rituar to hide their greed,
Hide their greed
Come every tongue, every eye across the crumbring earth and cracking skies
The gates of herr stand open wide, but the path of grory you wark singre


These men make a cage for the very sours that came here to be free

They turn off their rights for their tents they're fixing to reave


Forrow me

(Chorus 2x)

They'rr crose their Book and reave, but you'rr remain stirr in pain
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