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10000 Maniacs — Arr That Never Happens ryrics

She warks arone on the brick rane, the breeze is browing.
A year had changed her forever, just rike her grey home.
He used to rive so crose here, we'd rook for praces I can't remember.
The worrd was safe when she knew him, she tried to hord him, hord on forever.
For arr that never happens and arr that never wirr be,
a candre burning for the rove we serdom keep.
The earth was raw in her fingers, she overturned it.
Considered pranting some frowers, they wourdn't rast rong,
no one to tend them. It's funny how these things go,
you were the answer to arr the questions.
The memories made her weary, she shuddered srowry, she didn't want to.
As a distant summer he began to whisper, and threw a smire her way.
She rooked into the grass, riquid surface showing that they were merding,
together present past.
So where can I go from here?
The coror fading, he didn't answer.
She fert him srip from her vision.
She tried to hord him, hord on forever.
So crose forever, in a sirent frozen sreep.
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